Seven Card Stud Poker
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Seven Card Stud Poker Game

Seven Card Stud is a unique poker game that has gained tremendous accolades, especially in western countries.

Getting Started:

Following are some of the ways to play 7 Card Stud:

Ante In:
Ante is the money, which is used by 7 Card Stud players to place their bets and start the game. 7 Card Stud can be played by 8 players. The value for Ante usually depends on a particular game and accordingly, the amount is preset before the advent of the game.

The dealer starts the game by addressing two respective cards facing downwards on each player, while one card faces upward towards the player. The player having the smallest valued card facing has to place a low bet in the pot, which is termed as bring-in. Likewise, the game continues throughout the table beginning with the left side of player and other players have the respective option of folding, raising and calling.

More Cards:
Herein, the player having the highest valued card facing towards him or her starts the bet and moves in the clockwise direction throughout the table.

Great Finale:
In Great Finale, a player who can score maximum points with the help of 5 cards amongst 7 cards, wins the poker game and is the winner of the pot. In 7 Card Stud, player with the highest score wins the game.

Thus, at the end of Seven Card Stud game, every player on the table draws five cards out of the seven cards that constitute the best hand.

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