Pai Gow Poker Probabilities
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Pai Gow Poker Probabilities

The following chart represents the probability of molding Pai Gow Poker hand. From left side to the right, you can find the name of the player's hand, followed by the potential ways to make the hand and finally the probability of achieving the hand:

Pai Gow Probabilities

In fact, the probabilities of Pai Gow are a little bit challenging than ordinary poker. One thing that makes them more difficult is that, both the dealer as well as player gets seven cards, in which the casino creates two separate cards to decide the winner.

A player with a small hand and two cards goes against the small hand of dealer and the same applies to a large hand with five cards. A person who wins both the hands is an ultimate winner and outranks the other players. It is a game between dealer and player.

If a player wins one hand and loses the other, then it is considered as a Tie, and at such circumstances he/she will neither win chips nor lose them. Pai Gow also gives a fair profit for the casinos at around 2.3%. This game demands more practice, so you need to acquire great skills before venturing into it.

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