Pai Gow Poker Strategy
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Pai Gow Poker Strategy

You need to arrange your hands properly in Pai Gow Poker. Ideal strategy for this game, found by complex and detailed analysis, is very difficult for players to execute and involves memorizing huge amount of data. However, you have certain strategies, which you can easily put into practice. For instance:

First, try to set the maximum front hand possible, so that your five-card hand raises. For instance, when you have no pairs (straights or flushes) with cards Kc-Ts-Jc-9h-6h-4d-2s, you can do it in a best possible way by arranging Ts-Jc for the front hand and Kc-9h-6h-4d-2s for the backhand.

Likewise, when you have a single pair with no straight or flush, then you may arrange the pair in your front hand and the two uppermost left over cards in your backhand. For instance, you can organize K-M-M-S-6-4-2 by K-S in your front hand and M-M-6-4-2 in the backhand.

When you have two-pairs, the strategy becomes a little bit difficult. When the pairs are low and the remaining cards are high, it is wise to place two-pair behind and the rest big cards ahead.

For instance, you may arrange A-K-5-5-4-4-2 in A-k and 5-5-4-4-2 form. Nonetheless, if the pairs are very high such as Kings, Queens or Aces, it is wise to split up. For instance, you may arrange A-A-9-9-5-3-2 in 9-9 and A-A-5-3-2 form.

On the other hand, if you have three-pairs, the strategy becomes very simple. In this case, place the highest pair ahead and the lower pair behind. For instance, A-A-Q-Q-S-S-3 may be arranged in A-A and Q-Q-S-S-3.

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