Texas Holdem
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Texas Hold'em Poker Game

Poker has become the most popular online game in recent times. Among all the variants of poker, Texas Hold'em is the most played poker game across the world. Texas Hold'em is a type of community card game.

In Texas Hold'em, every player gets 7 cards, out of which, 5 cards are community cards. Community cards are usually dealt "face up" and are shown to the dealer and shared by other players. The other two cards are called as "Hole Cards". The main aim of Texas Holdem is to make the best possible 5 card hand with the help of 7 cards.

Getting Started:

While playing Texas Holdem, you need to know the following terms:

1. Blind bet:

While starting the game, the player sitting to the left of the dealer places a small blind bet. The next person sitting to the left places a big blind. A big blind notifies the amount of money that has been staked to play the hand.

2. Deal:

Every player gets 2 cards to deal. They are put face down.

3. The Flop:

Once the first betting round is over, the game dealer gives 3 more community cards, which are kept face up.

4. Second round of betting:

Once all the players get 3 community cards along with 2 face down cards, the second round of betting starts. In this round, each player has to bet based upon the strength of their cards and hand.

5. The turn:

After flop betting, the dealer gives out one more community card (Face Up) on table. Third betting round follows the turn.

6. The River:

After completing the third betting round, the dealer gives out the last community card. This follows the final round of bet.

Final round of bet.

7. Showdown:

In the showdown round, players open 2 cards and the one with highest ranking cards wins the game.

The Terms and Rounds in Detail:

1. Dealer Button:

This poker game makes use of a disc named as "Dealer Button". This disc shows, who is the dealer for each hand. After the completion of a particular hand, the disc moves in round robin fashion (clockwise) to the next player. This way, every player gets the chance to play and place blind bet. While playing single table tournament, a single card draw is carried out. The player with highest rank card gets the dealer button first.

2. Blind Bets:

The player sitting on the left of the player getting dealer button has to put the small blind. The next player sitting to the left has to put a big blind. After placing the blind bets, the cards are disbursed to the next player with the first betting round. Both of the blind bets are considered as live bets.

The players can call, raise and fold when they get their turn. After each betting round and the flop, the player to the left of the dealer has to start. Blind Betting is made compulsory to assure equity for all the players to prevent them from taking position advantage or leaving the game without putting up big blind.

3. First Round of Betting:

The first betting round starts with the player sitting to the left of the player placing big blind. They can bet, raise or fold the bet. The remaining players can in turn raise, call or fold the bet. Next, calling the bet means putting same bet as the previous. In the first round, bets are limited to the lower limit of the pot.

4. Second Round of betting:

At the end of first betting round, three community cards are disbursed by the dealer. After this, the second round begins. Again, the player sitting to the left of dealer starts the round by putting a bet. After placing a bet other players can only raise, call or fold the bet.

5. Third Round of Betting:

At the end of second betting round, a Turn is followed and the fourth community card is given out. To start the third round, the player sitting to the left of dealer may start betting and can check, bet, fold or raise the bet. In the third round, the bet or raise are to be made with the upper limit of the pot. Now, the remaining players can call, raise, check or fold the bet.

6. The Final round of Betting:

Final betting round starts when the final community card or the River Card is dealt. The player sitting to the left of dealer can check, bet, raise or fold the bet. Here also, bets are placed with upper limit to the stake. All other players may check, call, raise or fold the bets.

7. The Showdown Round:

After the final betting round, a showdown is followed. All the remaining players show up 2 cards and the player with highest rank and best cards wins the hand. The players can combine the 2 cards and the 5 community cards to make the best hand. If all players have same hands, the complete pot is divided equally amongst them.

Some Exceptions for other Poker Variants:

Another poker variant called Limit Texas Hold'em consists of only four bets per player in each betting round, raise and re-raise. While playing Pot limit and No limit Texas Holdem, there is no limit on how many times a player can raise the bet. However, the players cannot raise their own bets. In addition, a player is said to be "All In", if he/she lacks enough money to call the bet.

Some Variations of the Texas Holdem:

1. Limit Texas Holdem.

This poker game involves certain betting limit for each game and for each round of betting.

2. Pot Limit.

Here, the player can only bet what is available in the pot.

3. No Limit.

In this variant of Texas Hold'em poker, the player can bet all the money at any time of the game.

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